Dave Chappelle Is Working On A Music Party Tour


Last month in May, Dave Chappelle was caught throwing another block party for fans. The juke joint party was thrown by Dave in Ohio at a barnyard. From the looks of the pictures, Dave’s juke joint party left many with some unforgettable memories. Now it turns out that Dave is wanting to give others the experience. In another part of his recent conversation with The Washington Post, he explained that he is planning to do more parties and taking it on tour. As he shared his thoughts on cameras in comedy clubs, Dave revealed his plans.

“So many people record your shows and put them on the Internet before you get a chance to do it, it’s almost hard to write fast enough to surprise an audience. In a lot of ways, they’re destroying comedy. I don’t think they mean to, but I don’t think people understand what they’re doing when they do it and the effect that it’s having. That’s why you don’t see a lot of the big comedians out anymore. “We’ve had antidotes. What we’ve been doing is creating spaces where that’s just not cool anymore. Carla [Chappelle’s publicist] and I are working on a party right now. It’ll be the first party that’s ever gone on tour. It’s a juke joint party — live music — and we take it out of a traditional venue. We had one in a barn. We put on a full production. We brought a damn-near 20-piece band, a celebrity DJ. We went crazy. I’m not going to say celebrity names who I’ve spoken with about it, but a lot of people are interested in doing it just because it takes it back to essentially what we we all love doing. Artists you wouldn’t expect to see in a context like that.”

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