Dave Chappelle Joined Travel Ban Protestors In Ohio

If you were anywhere on the computer these last few days you would have seen a widespread of reactions following a travel ban pushed by Donald Trump. The travel ban focused on refugees from several muslim countries. Immediately as news got out, the travel ban quickly turned into a new name, Muslim Ban. Protestors from across the country flooded the streets and airports to speak out against the injustice. Back at home in Dayton, Ohio; Dave Chappelle who is muslim joined protestors on Sunday to address the issues.

On Sunday afternoon, Dave Chappelle spoke briefly at a rally in front of Congressman Mike Turner’s office and the federal court building in Dayton, Ohio. The 43-year-old comedian, who converted to Islam in the late 1990s, addressed the crowd through a microphone, saying: “We are all here because what you [Trump] are doing does not seem right. As a matter of fact, it sucks. I support refugees, I support immigrants, and I love my friends and neighbors. Thank you.”


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