Dave Chappelle Kicked Out Florida Hecklers Over “I’m Rick James!”

On Saturday night, Dave Chappelle ended up removing two Florida fans from his show because they kept asking him to yell out tailgates from The Chappelle Show. According to The Herald Tribune; the couple ended up having to be removed by police.

Folks waiting for him to recreate bits from “Chappelle’s Show,” though, which aired from 2003 to 2006, were probably as disappointed as the Trump supporters who visibly squirmed while the comedian tried to make sense of the new president’s first three weeks in office. In fact, one couple toward the end of the one-hour performance that started at 7:50 p.m. had to be removed after heckling Chappelle with requests for his famed Rick James catchphrase. Mind you, this show, which was being taped, perhaps for use in Chappelle’s upcoming Netflix special, came with a whole lot of no-nos including no cell phones, no photography, no heckling, and no talking. But a few rubes right in front of the stage couldn’t shut up and police officers, who Chappelle would later thank, had to physically remove a woman and man, who then charged the stage and gave the comedian the finger while his woman companion yelled she would never return to the venue again. Chappelle followed the couple toward the exit and reminded them that he was a millionaire and did not need their support while the crowd cheered. The 43-year-old comedian playing to a crowd of people mostly in his age group would later have some choice words for the couple that really can’t be repeated here.