Dave Chappelle Lets Scammed Woman See His Show For Free In Portland

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Chappelle loves the fans. One woman in particular had an unfortunate situation occur when she wanted to see Dave Chappelle perform at Aladdin Theater in Portland. The woman Halina Barber who paid $750 dollars for a pair of tickets to his show was disappointed to find out that her tickets were fake. Now to help smooth things over, Chappelle decided to grant her access to another show of his.

Halina Barber told KGW she spent a liiiittle more than face value of $55 because, “He’s a brilliant comedian.” Then, heartbreakingly, she added: “And we needed to laugh tonight.” Barber’s sad tale of woe seems to have tugged at Dave Chappelle’s heartstrings, because during his 7 pm show tonight at the Aladdin, he told the audience he was getting the sad woman from the news into his show tomorrow. The audience, who all presumably paid $55 for their tickets, seemed to approve of this action, though some were heard to mention that a person who had $750 to spend on Chappelle tickets might not be the person everyone needed to feel sorry for.


Coverage by local news KOIN on scalpers at Chappelle’s show

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