Dave Chappelle Might Be In Spike Lee’s ‘Chiraq’

spike lee chappelle

For Spike Lee he is currently filming his newest project, Chiraq. The film is set to bring awareness on the gun violence in the city of Chicago. Reports have said the movie is expected to be a musical comedy that will feature an ensemble cast and even a few recognizable names. Earlier today, Spike revealed one person in particular who could be in the upcoming project, Dave Chappelle. In a picture shared on Instagram, Spike and Dave sat side by side on the set. Hinting at Chappelle’s involvement, Spike wrote a message along with the picture.

“The Great David Chappelle is all aboard Da CHA-RAQ Peace Train. YA-DIG? SHO-NUFF. Our Peace Train Is Smokin’ Cuz We Ain’t Jokin’,” he wrote.

With hints the the film could have a comedic element to it, Spike recently told TIME Magazine that the movie should be taken seriously.

“This is not a joke, this is not a game,” he said, “this is real life and death, and that’s the way we are going to approach this.”

As far as Chappelle’s involvement, it is not confirmed that he will be in the film but we did hear that he did have people laughing on set.

  1. Epic!

  2. this is such a fresh pic, hope dave is in it, two of my idols


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