Dave Chappelle Jokes Gun Laws Will Change When More Black People Register For Legal Firearms

Photo: Netflix

Dave Chappelle may have a solution for gun laws in America. With the unfortunate rise in school shootings happening across the country, many people look to offer there take on how such incidents can be prevented. Dave Chappelle has always been a voice of reason in our society and during a recent stop through Atlantic City, NJ; Chappelle would lend his voice on today’s current school shootings. While on stage for his routine, according to PhillyMag, Chappelle would go on to jokingly say that an increase of black gun owners will quickly help America’s gun laws change. Chappelle would then point why arming teachers may not be the best idea.

Check out Philly Mag’s excerpt on a review of Chappelle’s show and his comments on school shootings:

America’s greatest threat to America is America, Chappelle said. And one leading cause is our refusal to get rid of guns for good. To solve school shootings and save the country, black people simply need to register for legal firearms, he reasoned.That’s when the laws will change,” Chappelle said… Chappelle asked us to picture our 10th grade English teacher with a gun. “I don’t think Ms. Shaffer could handle that,” he said, guessing the shooter would take out the teacher and score an extra gun. And as a parent, can you really know if you’re raising a shooter, he questioned, but he was certain it’s likelier if you’re white. When Chappelle’s high school son underwent school shooting drills, he found it hard to not tell his son that death is likely inevitable in the situation. “It’s either fight or flight,” Chappelle told the audience. If you try to fight, you’ll get shot. If you try to hide, you’ll get shot. “You’ve seen those desks!” he shouted above the roar of the crowd. And besides, if the school shooter is being trained with fellow classmates during drills, won’t he or she know the “survival” plan?