Dave Chappelle’s DJ Says Chappelle Is Returning To TV

dave chappelle

There have been ongoing talks that Dave Chappelle is setting up to release a comedy special after a long hiatus. Last year it was noted that a series of his show’s were reportedly filmed while on the road. Now after stopping at Los Angeles’s Palladium Theater over the weekend those same talks are back but this time are being made by someone in Chappelle’s camp. DJ Trauma who travels with Chappelle for most of his show’s took to his Instagram and hinted that we could see Dave back on TV very soon with a picture. if you look closely Chappelle’s recognizable logo can be seen on the stages floor. Trauma didn’t reveal why we could see Dave back on our TV but he did share that the recently filmed performance was monumental.

Think we made history again last night, Dave & the team!!! Stay tuned everyone #davechappelle will be back on ur tv soon.

Eddie Murphy, John Legend, The Kardashians, and other celebrities were revealed to be in attendance. #ChappelleBack?

UPDATE: Turns out the taping was for an expected comedy special. Donnell Rawlings who featured on the show took to his Twitter and revealed that Chappelle in fact was filming for a special.

donnell rawlings

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