David Alan Grier Defends His ‘Men On…’ Character From ‘In Living Color’: “There was no hate”

With current talks around comedy and what is going too far, comedy legend David Alan Grier would circle back on one of his most celebrated characters, Antoine Merriweather from the ‘Men On…’ sketch feature with Damon Wayans.  Grier recently spoke with Essence’s ‘YES, GIRL’ podcast and would express that there was “not hate” behind the sketch. 

“There was no hate,” he began. “Yeah they were stereotypical and over the top because that’s the nature of comedy, but there was nothing at least for me and Damon that was designed to put down or be derogatory,” he said about his role along with Wayans’ Blaine Edwards. “It feels like that was a million years ago politically; it was. There’s so many things that we did that we probably couldn’t do now or it would have to be attacked with a different point of view,” Grier continued. Grier said he suspects the space he and Wayans were given to develop the characters was related to how hard it was for any upset audience member to voice their opinions to executives.



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