David Letterman Looks Unrecognizable In His Retirement Phase

david letterman

It’s been close to 1 year since David Letterman stepped away from his desk at The Late Show. Now that he no longer has to entertain millions every night, Letterman isn’t to worried about his TV ready appearance. Recently while in St. Barts, he was caught on camera taking a jog but looked unrecognizable.

Wow, David Letterman — is that you? It’s been only 10 months since the late-night host did his farewell show on CBS, but he already looks quite … different. New photos of Letterman jogging on the Caribbean island of St. Barts show a bald, heavily bearded guy who’s almost unrecognizable as the gap-toothed jester who spent 33 years smirking at guests on national TV. More than one commenter has noted his sudden resemblance to a certain red-suited Christmas icon.


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