David Spade Announced As Roast Master For Comedy Central’s Roast Of Actor Rob Lowe

david spade

If you ever found anything funny about actor Rob Lowe then you will want to tune into Comedy Central in September for his newly announced ‘Comedy Central Roast’. Like every roast, there is a roast master and this year David Spade will be stepping up  to lead the way. Spade seems to be gathering momentum as of lately, following several new projects.

Last month, unfairly handsome actor Rob Lowe agreed to be skewered on a spit for a nice, slow roasting on Comedy Central. And now, the man who will be overseeing the grilling area on Labor Day has been chosen. David Spade will serve as Roast Master of The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe, EW has learned. The acerbic stand-up and SNL alum — whose recent credits include Rules of Engagement, Joe Dirt 2, and Grown Ups 2 — worked with his friend Lowe on the 1995 big-screen comedy Tommy Boy. Lowe is a veteran of such shows as The West Wing, Parks and Recreation, and last season’s critically beloved-but low-rated-and-now cancelled The Grinder. “People seem to want a pretty face like Ronda Rousey or Rob Lowe to catch a beating once in awhile,” Spade said in a statement to EW. “What can I say? America’s just like that. Should be interesting.” Lowe’s roast, which films in Los Angeles on Aug. 27 and airs Sept. 5 (Labor Day) at 10 p.m. ET, will be the 15th insult fest courtesy of Comedy Central.


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