DC Young Fly Is Interested To Be In Ice Cube’s Last Friday


Ever since internet star DC Young Fly began getting noticed, many couldn’t help but compare the Atlanta native to a younger version of Chris Tucker. Interesting enough, Chris Tucker also calls Atlanta home, since his days of growing up in the city of Decatur, GA. Now for DC it only seems right that he could be someone to feel the shoes left by Chris. As Ice Cube slowly reveals plans for one last installment of his comedy franchise Friday, people have been wanting to know if we can expect DC to be in the film? Earlier last week, DC went on to address a possible a role in Last Friday. He went on to reveal that he’s tried to audition for the film but the cast seems set.

Earlier reports have shared that everyone from the previous films including Chris Tucker is expected to return one last time, but nothing yet has been confirmed.  According to Ice Cube Last Friday will move forward as soon as a budget agreement with New Line Cinema is met. DC may have some time on his hands, and this might be the time to kick off a #DCFriday campaign.

Check out one of his popular sketches, Bait Car.

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