DC Young Fly Tells Comedy Hype What He’s Learned With His First Feature Film Almost Christmas And Why People Compare Him To Chris Tucker

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Comedy Hype’s Nika Simone found herself interviewing online sensation DC Young Fly on the brink of his first feature film release with upcoming project Almost Christmas. She goes on to recount the experience and some of what DC has on his mind.


Walking to room 2013 of the SLS Hotel, escorted by his manager, I enter the room to find, D.C. born Atlanta raised, comedian/actor DC Young Fly laid up in the bed of his hotel room with his feet kicked up like he’s about ready to watch some TV.

“I’m soooo tired!” He exclaims in that signature Young Fly “Bring Dat Ass Here” voice. “That’s that feature film press life!”, I respond and we laugh. “It’s a blessing though. And the room ain’t on my card so…you want somethin’ to eat!” From class clown to Internet sensation to feature film. It’s no mystery as to how comedian/actor DC Young Fly has landed his role in David E Talbert’s latest film “Almost Christmas” hitting theaters November 11th; he showed us using social media! Check his numbers.

Recently in L.A. for movie press, Comedy Hype caught up with The 85 South Show Co-Host and spoke with him about filming his first movie, his first baby, his music and much more. Nika Simone: First box office feature film with major names in Hollywood like Danny Glover, comedian Mo’Nique, Gabreille Union, Omar Epps, Kimberly Elise…

DC: “Yes, yes they accepted me with open arms, and it’s a blessing you know?”

CH: “What did you learn from the experience?”

DC: “Man, stay humble and be able to take direction. If you can’t take direction, you’re going to lose in this game.”


Almost Christmas hits theaters November 11th just in time for the holidays. A story most families know all too well of losing the family glue and still trying to maintain the bond afterwards, especially for the holidays. DC Young Fly plays the overzealous friend of the youngest son, played by Jessie T. Usher, who shows interest in Aunt May (Mo’Nique) and watching his cougar advances fails are hilarious!

CH: “The on-air chemistry was incredible! I feel most of it had to be more freestyle than scripted.

DC: “It’s crazy because what you see on camera (in the film) is what you seen off camera. It wasn’t play play; it was authentic.”

CH: “One Young Fly indicator besides…”


CH (laughing): “Yes…I noticed in the film, your “DC” tat between your eyebrows was missing. Was there any opposition to that?

DC: “Man I don’t give a F#%* about what any of y’all out here talking about! I will cover all this shit up for a check! You’re still going to get me. And then it ranges me; I have to show that I am an actor, that when these tats are gone I can still do the same thing.”

CH: “What’s some advice you have to give when it comes to getting through holiday gatherings?”

DC: “You gotta put all the differences to the side and come together and make sure everything is everything…understand that you are a family and love is better than a grudge.”

Another congratulations is in store for the Wild N’ Out cast member because he is also a first time parent.

When asked does he plan on changing anything about his comedy or brand due to new fatherhood, Young Fly said,

Nope, it’s just gonna be real life and the grind is on times 10. Now I gotta live for my little girl and make sure that she doesn’t have to want for anything. If you thought you seen me grinding…just watch now!

One way of expanding his brand in entertainment, is releasing his mixtape. Not only is DC a comedic entity, he also sings and raps.

CH: “Will you continue in your music career if your comedy takes off?”

DC: “My comedy shows my personality. My music I get to tell my life experiences. Why not? I get to show all my talents. We haven’t seen a Jaime Fox in a long time. I most definitely want to take that for my generation.”

CH: “Jaime Fox? Mmmm ok that’s true; it’s been a while. There always has the be “the next” somebody; why do you think you get compared to Chris Tucker?

Mannn our voices sound damn near just alike! I don’t know. Everybody puts somebody in the state of mind of somebody, so when I came out, it was like “Boy you remind me of Chris Tucker!” But I’m not trying to be Chris Tucker; I’m just being me. All and all this is who the f#%* I am. But if I’m always being related to somebody, I’m doing good; especially someone as successful as him.

CH: “Lil Wayne’s Night Line interview has resurfaced with his Black Lives Matter comments basically stating the movement has nothing to do with him and he doesn’t feel compelled to stand for it.
*As an entertainer with a huge following yourself, how do you feel about the comments and do you feel public figures have to take a stand on the issues?”

DC: “You gotta understand, rich people don’t go through Black Lives Matter problems; they too rich, that’s what he was saying. But what he (Lil Wayne) also has to understand is you’re an icon, you’re an idol, you’re an influencer and when you say stuff like that, you hurt people’s feelings…and you’re black.”

He continues, “You don’t have to pin point a certain incident, you can just overall say what you feel about the situation.”

Whether it’s being a social media influencer, on stage doing stand-up, clowning with Wildn Out and now a feature film, new baby and all, DC promises he will leave his mark in entertainment and he’s just getting started.

Check out Almost Christmas in theaters November 11th


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