Deon Cole, And Others Suggest Unaired Black-Ish ‘Protest’ Episode Should Finally Air

Photo: Splitsider

The talk of the town right now is the cancelation of ‘Roseanne’ over at ABC. Many people have now put out their suggestions on what they think ABC should do next. Upon research, we’ve discovered that there is a group of Black-ish fans who are demanding the network air a shelved episode. The unaired ‘Please, Baby, Please’ episode was set to take on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem and protest. Black-ish’s Deon Cole would tweet out a meme that read, “Now can we air our episode that was taken off?” According to both ABC and Black-ish creator Kenya Barris, both parties have agreed to not air the episode over “creative differences”. But the decision to not air the episode has not stopped fans from demanding it to be aired. Many have pointed out that Roseanne’s previous show was able to get away with certain topics but Black-ish wasn’t given the same treatment when it came to their now shelved episode. Comedy Hype News (below) goes on to discuss the matter more, what do you think should happen?