DeRay Davis Clears Up Tamar Braxton Feud: “Stop Believing Bull Sh*t”

You might have heard about DeRay Davis clashing with Tamar Braxton during a taping of Hip Hop Squares. Things allegedly got so heated, that DeRay even brought his real sisters into the mix. Well the other night while out, DeRay ran into TMZ and denied the severity of the confrontation.

TMZ claims DeRay made a joke by accusing Tamar of lip syncing at the BET Awards. Sources claim Tamar didn’t hear the joke but when she saw everyone laughing, she asked what the joke was and Lil Mama told her. Tamar didn’t appreciate the shade, even if it was in jest. Tamar reportedly got pissed and was “all up in [his] grill.” Davis allegedly clapped back at her, saying he would get his sisters to “beat her ass.” Sounds a little too crazy to be true, right?


No Beef.