DeRay Davis To Release A New Netflix Comedy Special

This August, DeRay Davis is set to film his first-ever Netflix produced comedy special. The event is currently titled DeRay And Chill and will film on August 19th. No word on if that will be the actual title for his special. The last time we saw a special from the Chicago bred comedian was back in 2011 with his comedy special Power Play. Since then Davis has been touring and hosting several shows like Joking Off, and Hollywood Squares. For his newest body of work he will be traveling down south to Atlanta, GA at Variety Playhouse.

This special will serve as a huge moment for Davis’s career. He’s been listed as one of comedy’s most recognized voices and this could be his stamp on the industry. Joke for joke many comedians haven’t been able to follow DeRay and we have to admit it’s time for people to recognize that very thing. We’re hoping to see a well packaged product when the special does premiere.

If you happen to be in Atlanta you can get tickets here.