Detroit’s Comedian CP Takes Reggie Bo Character To TBS

comedian cp

Following the announcement of an upcoming project with FX and P. Diddy, Comedian CP is now lining up to introduce his Reggie Bo character to viewers over at TBS. Reggie Bo (voiced by CP) who’ve we featured several times will now venture from the internet to TV. Apart of the upcoming project CP will spotlight his hometown of Detroit as street-wise puppet . Deadline breaks the story.

TBS has bought a pitch and ordered a presentation for The D, a half-hour single-camera Detroit comedy featuring a puppet, sources say. The show was created by rising Detroit-native stand-up comedian Chris Powell aka Comedian CP, and by King Of The Hill alum Chip Hall. Powell and Hall are producing with Rough House Pictures and Doug Banker at Five All in the Fifth. TBS-new-logoSet in inner-city Detroit, The D follows 25-year-old CP and his best friend Reggie Bo — who is essentially an inner-city version of Elmo — as CP fights to earn the respect of his legendary gangster father while at the same time surviving in America’s most dangerous city.

Comedian CP Introduces Reggie Bo To YouTube In 2012

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