Dick Gregory Calls Cedric The Entertainer A “Punk Thug” For Barbershop Role

As we wait for the newest Barbershop film to hit theaters, Dick Gregory has voiced concern over Cedric The Entertainer’s role in the film. In the original 2002 comedy, Cedric’s character Eddie had a memorable scene when he gave what he considered a honest perspective on Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Though being a comedy, Dick Gregory didn’t see the previous scene as funny. For a sit-down with Reel Black, Dick discussed white writers on the black films and went on to use Cedric’s scene in the film as an example. (6:30 Mark)

The most viscous and nastiest thing, was the jive punk thug Cedric The Entertainer when he did Barbershop. He said King (Martin Luther King) was nothing but a hoe, and Rosa Parks didn’t do nothing but that she was too tired to move her big black ass.

As he continued the conversation Dick went on to say that things would have been different if Cedric talked about Queen Elizabeth. He also speaks on Caitlyn Jenner, Straight Outta Compton, and college. Barbershop 3 is expected to hit theaters in April of 2016.

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