Dick Gregory Compares Bill Cosby Allegations To Tiger Woods: Blames Racism And Cosby’s Attempt To Purchase NBC

In the same interview with Reel Black in which he called Cedric The Entertainer a ‘punk thug’, Dick Gregory now takes aim at the recent Cosby allegations. In his dialogue to explain the situation, Mr. Gregory goes on to suggest that racism and Cosby’s previous attempt to purchase NBC as motives to why things blew up the way it did.

Let’s look at Bill Cosby, here’s what happened, Bill Cosby was getting ready to buy NBC, white supremacy came in…

This week, Hannibal Buress re-touched on his involvement in the allegations which he blamed the media for blowing things out of proportion. In Mr. Gregory’s full conversation he even went on to suggest Hannibal was planted to call out Cosby. They later went on to talk Tiger Woods comparisons, Magic Johnson and other successful black sports athletes. Pull up a chair.

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