Dick Gregory Currently In The Hospital, After Feeling Sick

Dick Gregory has put a lot of years on the road; just this week some of those long nights and early flights may have caught up to him. The 84 year old comedian has been in the hospital for several days now and is expected to be there a little longer. The news first broke when Gregory cancelled a show last week at the Improv comedy club in San Jose, California. His reps went on to tell followers online that he regretted canceling the show but he woke up feeling ill.

Mr. Gregory woke this morning feeling ill and we thought it best to get him a thorough medical evaluation. Today’s evaluation went very well and he appreciates the well wishes he has received. The good news is Mr. Gregory feels much improved and upbeat! However, he will take his doctor’s advice for resting for the next few days.

Fast forward to today it was revealed that Mr. Gregory still remains in the hospital and has now canceled an upcoming Atlanta show. Along with the news of the cancellation, we did get some positive news from Gregory’s camp in a Instagram post. According to his team, Mr. Gregory does is hospitalized but is expected to leave in the coming days.

As of now it is unclear what specific illness the comedy legend went to the hospital for; Will keep you posted as more of the story develops.

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