Dick Gregory Thinks Prince Was Killed On Purpose

One on one interviews with Dick Gregory are always memorable moments. In an interview with RBTV, Mr. Gregory took time out to comment on the passing of singer Prince. Prince and Mr. Gregory didn’t personally know each-other but there is indication that the singer was a fan of Gregory. Back in 2009, Prince sat down with host Tavis Smiley and expressed that a speech given from Gregory impacted his outlook on life. Now fast forward to today, Gregory is suspecting that Prince’s death was planned.

If I had to guess I think when he went to that record company and talked to them about that slave thing (owning his music), that’s what got him killed…. They’re going to tell you that he had no insurance and now will but he had people to do his hair before he went on stage??

Dick then later pointed out that outlets like TMZ who is currently covering Prince’s death are owned by Time Warner which he says is Prince’s record company. We even get a little of Gregory’s thoughts on Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur. If your into conspiracy talks then this an interview you would appreciate.

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