Dino Archie Is Looking To Stand Out And Encourages Others To Do The Same With ‘I’ve Changed’ Comedy Album

It’s been close to 6 months since we last spoke with Dino Archie. The stand up comedian who is no stranger to Comedy Hype has consistently offered his audience new albums over the years. This May, Archie would team up with 800 Pound Gorilla Records to release his third comedy album, ‘I’ve Changed’. To learn more about the project, CH would catch up with the Archie for a brief chat about the album and it’s message.

CH: Let’s talk about this cover, it doesn’t look like your typical comedy album, what was the inspiration for the cover?

DA: I was done being typical. There is a little something that got lost in comedy on being utterly original. Those are the two ingredients in comedy, ‘be funny and be original’. I love comedy albums. When I did my first one ‘Choosy Lover’, I was in the records stores and the covers told the whole story as well. When you see it, you’re like “Oh I f*ck with that vibe.” I wanted to put out a vibe that you didn’t see in comedy. Sexy and funny. Like if Rick James did stand up.

CH: You appear to be proud of your abs on this cover, can you share some workout wisdom?

DA: [Laughs] The wisdom is do the thing that makes you feel good. I was an athlete back in the day. I always liked feeling good and being in some type of shape. I was done this year with half stepping, so I got a personal trainer. This wasn’t even about comedy, just about walking around and feeling good. And now there’s a big thing in comedy & entertainment that we don’t take care of ourselves. I don’t have no big routine, I just go hard man.

CH: We notice you’ve been spoofing motivational guru David Goggins a lot on your Instagram. Did he have anything to also do with you getting serious in the gym and what about him is intriguing?

DA: I like him because he talks crazy.. he cusses for no reason… he motivates you but he’s kind of talking shit to you. I just started to make working out a good time…so I started doing a spoof of him while I’m on a hike or doing pull-ups. Until something becomes an assignment it’s not really fun for me. Goggins really just gives you the message and keeps it moving. And that’s kind of how I do my comedy… I’m not begging for likes or begging for approval.

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CH: How important has it become for you to stand out as your career progresses? From your jokes to your clothes?

DA: It has become imperative. The last thing you won’t to do is a lesser joke on the same joke from one of your peers. You want to be more authentic….at one point It was like I was holding back almost…”So you blend in?” The whole point is to stand out.

CH: The album’s title is called ‘I’ve Changed’, since your last talk with us, what mainly has changed in your life that you feel can be a message to others?

DA: I think certain relationships in your life once they run their course and our still there, they hold you back. It goes both ways. Who you’re attached to is super important. I was in a situation where I was attached to something that wasn’t pushing me. And that’s not on that person, it’s on me. It’s ultimately always on you. I got out of that situation and started seeing there’s no guarantee for tomorrow. So to jam myself up for no reason would be the regret. If I’ve been playing at 95%, I needed that extra 5%. Those changes made a big difference for me. I took back that energy I was wasting and put it back in me in a positive way. Now I’m putting it on the stage and in my art. It feels great.

‘I’ve Changed’ is now available across digital platforms.