Dispute Continues Over Tracy Morgans Alleged $90 Million Pay Out

tracy morgan

It has never been confirmed how much Tracy Morgan received as a pay-out for his 2014 crash with a Walmart truck but we are finding out that two insurers are not happy about the amount. Two insurance companies involved with Walmart are now expressing they feel the money payed to Morgan may have been too much and their blaming Walmart.

In court documents, two insurance companies say that the comedian’s resumption of his career runs contrary to previous representations given to them. More than two years after a Walmart truck driver plowed into a limousine van carrying comedian Tracy Morgan and others on the New Jersey Turnpike, the fight continues in court over who is responsible for picking up the costs of legal settlements….Although the terms of Morgan’s confidential settlement have never been revealed, it appears he got a huge pay-out. According to court papers filed by a couple of the insurers involved in the dispute, “more than 90% of the settlements entered into by Wal-Mart were for the Morgan and Fuqua claims,” which given the other $10 million deal would seem to suggest that Walmart paid at least $90 million to Morgan and Fuqua to put the controversy to bed…According to the insurers’ lawsuit, “After Wal-Mart had paid the settlement amounts to Morgan, he resumed his entertainment career in a manner which was completely contrary to what Wal-Mart and its defense counsel had represented to the insurers in late April and throughout May 2015 would happen in demanding that the insurers consent to and fund this exorbitant settlement. For example, since mid-June 2015, Morgan has appeared on national TV, presenting an Emmy Award; hosting Saturday Night Live; appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!; appearing on the Tonight Show; filming scenes for an upcoming Hollywood feature; agreeing to start a half-hour comedy pilot on a cable network; and embarking on a multi-date comedy tour in cities throughout the United States and Canada.”


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