DL Hughley Speaks On The Comedy Store Allowing White Comics To Use The ‘N-Word’: “When We Were Coming Up, They Would Never Let Us Play There”

D.L. Hughley

After sharing our story on white comedians being allowed to freely use the ‘N-Word’ at The World Famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, D.L. Hughley weighed in on the topic. While on his D.L. Hughley Radio Show yesterday, Hughley briefly mentioned his past history with The Comedy Store insinuating that he wasn’t surprised that this was taking place at the club. “… The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, a place I never liked because when were coming up they would never let us play there, they would never have any n-word’s that could play there but now you can say the word there,” Hughley shared. Now ironically The Comedy Store does host a predominantly black comedy show every week (Bob Sumner Laff Mobb’s ‘Black Out Tuesday’) the same exact night as ‘The Roast Battle,’ whose rules are giving the white comics permission to use the controversial word. As Hughley and co-host discussed the situation more, callers took to the air to voice their opinion. Some black callers even agreed that the white comics should be allowed to use the word. As far as Hughley’s thoughts on the topic he went on to say, “I tend to think that artistically you should be able to say what you want…..I cannot allow someone to lose a freedom that I use everyday.” Check out a clip of the discussion below. Just jokes?

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