DL Hughley Isn’t Happy About Steve Harvey Meeting With Donald Trump

Steve Harvey had most of the internet in an uproar this afternoon when he was photographed meeting with Donald Trump today. The uproar came from many black voices online and even looks to have hit close to home. The last time we saw this type of uproar was when Kanye West decided to meet with Trump down at Trump Towers. Many people felt a sense of selling out by Harvey since in fact he has publicly spoke out against president-elect Trump in the past. Now fast forward to this evening Harvey’s old tour mate DL Hughley wasn’t shy with sharing his immediate reaction to seeing black entertainment figures like Harvey sit down with Trump.

Steve Harvey, a rich guy, is the latest victim of a Trump Tower meeting. Harvey met with Trump Friday afternoon to reportedly discuss “inner city issues” and was put in contact with Ben “No Government Experience” Carson, the New York Daily News reported. Harvey echoed his previous comments to reporters in a tweeted statement shortly after, claiming the former Apprentice host was “congenial and sincere” during the meeting…


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