DL Hughley Points Out The Double Standards Between Trump’s CNN Meme And Kathy Griffin’s Trump Joke

This weekend the internet went crazy when a video meme was shared by Donald Trump on his official    Twitter account. It has been no secret that Trump is not a fan of the press since holding office which has resulted him in publicly calling out many news outlets for ‘Fake News’. The video meme being discussed was a clip of Trump doing a wrestling move to CNN. The video meme was Trump’s way of expressing more of how he felt about the network and his focus to take them down. Since sharing the meme; people have went to call out Trump and have even went on to say that by sharing the meme he is encouraging violent acts on reporters. DL Hughley who strongly opposes many of Trump’s views took to his Twitter to point out something interesting. In a shared Tweet; Hughley questioned why is it ok for Trump to make jokes about violently attacking CNN and why it was not ok for Kathy Griffin to joke about a headless Donald Trump?

So #KathyGriiffin holds a head that looks like #Trump it’s a threat, #Trump beats a head that looks like #CNN it’s a joke? #TeamDl

If you can recall, Kathy Griffin was slammed for a photoshoot she did with Trump’s head in her hands. Trump responded (of course on Twitter) by publicly calling out Griffin for the act and said it was “sick”. Double standards?

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