Does Chris Rock Owe Us An Explanation For Police Stops?, Isaiah Washington Thinks So

Earlier this month Chris Rock made headlines and it wasn’t related to comedy. In a series of police stops, Chris has been sharing selfies with followers documenting his run-ins with the law. The police stops caught most people’s attention because it happened a total of three times in little over a month. Actor Isaiah Washington ended up sharing his thoughts on the matter and was met by backlash after Tweeting Chris to ‘Adapt’. Recently, Washington sat down with The ‘Huff Post Show’ and urged Chris to tell fans the backstory to his police stops.

“He never responded. To this day, we don’t know what happened on that third [stop] in seven weeks. We still don’t know from Chris Rock to this day what happened.”, explained Washington. You can’t have 3 million followers and come out there and press the button — that’s like saying right now … “There’s a bomb on a plane or a fire in the theater,” and then say, “Hey, I’ve been stopped three times,” and then you don’t give us the update on how you got out of it.

Sure Chris has a joke for this.

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  1. I think he should explain like is he speeding, drunk driving? lol

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