Donald Glover Gets Soulful During ‘Garth Brooks’ Cover ‘Lost In You’

When he’s not writing episodes of Atlanta FX, Donald Glover is known to release a new song or two. Well during a recent visit to ‘Triple J’, Gabino would take on the song ‘Lost In You’ fron Chris Gaines AKA Garth Brooks. Take a listen to the soulful cover, below.

The year was 1999, and Garth Brooks was presenting a new project to the world from beneath the more rock-centered alter ego of Chris Gaines. Now, the year is somehow 2019, and Childish Gambino is introducing a new generation to the one-off project’s biggest Hot 100 hit “Lost in You.” This is all made possible by a recent Gambino appearance on Triple J, the same station where the multi-hyphenate previously gave his rendition of Tamia’s “So Into You.”


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