Donald Glover Post ‘Deadpool’ Script To Shoot Down Rumors: “I Wasn’t Too Busy To Work On Deadpool”

Apparently, there’s speculation that Donald Glover became too busy for his Deadpool animated series that was canned at FX. Early this morning, Glover has now responded to the news by releasing a series of pages of what he calls the ‘Finale’ script. In the script he touches on several things happening today, including #WhoBitBeyonce and even appears to address the actual Deadpool series. From reading the script, some are even saying that Glover hints at racism for the cancellation of his show. Check out an excerpt, below.

As of now, it is unclear why the animated series did not move forward. FX has gone on record to explain that the project did not move forward because of “creative differences”. Glover’s Atlanta FX continues to air it’s season 2 on Thursday nights. You can read the rest of Glover’s posted script, here.