Donald Glover Reportedly Expected To Play A Young Lando Calrissian In ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff

donald glover
As Donald Glover gets ready for the premiere of his newest series coming to FX, Atlanta, the comedian & actor is now being connected to a Han Solo ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off. That’s right, we might be seeing Glover in space as a young Lando Calrissian.

Now that Han Solo’s Star Wars spin-off has found the perfect dude to play a young version of its titular smuggler, the hunt is on for an equally perfect dude to play a young Lando Calrissian. Billy Dee Williams had the honor of playing the best-dressed man in Cloud City in the original trilogy and, for obvious reasons, won’t be returning to the throne for the Han Solo spin-off. But according to Birth Movies Death, the filmmakers aren’t sweating it and already have a young Lando in mind: Donald Glover. BMD’s report claims Glover is the “first choice” for the role, adding that he’s who directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller want for the character above all others. Though there’s currently no deal on the table, this would be quite the catch for the untitled Han Solo movie and would provide yet another interesting chapter to Glover’s multifaceted career.


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