Donald Glover Tells ‘Esquire’ He’s Aware Atlanta Season 2 Has To Top Season 1

Photo: David Burton for Esquire

On March 1st, Donald Glover is set to return to FX along with the cast of Atlanta for a season 2. The series created by Glover became an instant success when it first aired back in 2016.  A year has gone by and fans will finally get their long-awaited season 2 of the series. Along with a new cover for Esquire magazine, Glover opened up about his upbringing, jumping back into Atlanta-mode, and more. When discussing season 2 of his series he would admit that he’s aware of the pressure and would tell the magazine that he has a good-nervousness about the upcoming season. Check out an excerpt, below.

Atlanta also messed with TV conventions, slyly planting surrealist notes—a black Justin Bieber and an invisible car—into an already-winking show. It developed, Glover told me, as a result of hanging out with his brother Stephen, who’s also a writer for the show. “I started seeing more of the world and getting in more arguments and talking about more shit. Like black women telling me, ‘Black men don’t do shit for us.’ I’m like, ‘Damn, you really feel that way?’ And they’re like, ‘One hundred percent.’ ” The success of the first season was great for Glover, but he’s aware the second season has a lot to live up to. The first day back on set, Murai told me, “just felt like Bizarro World.” They took such a long hiatus that they’d forgotten, at least at first, how to make the show. “It feels like it grew into something else. It’s a little more short-story-oriented.” “I tried to do the Q-Tip take on it,” Glover said, referring to the cofounder of A Tribe Called Quest. “After their first album, he was like, ‘I’m kicking this sophomore-slump shit in the ass.’ ”