Donnell Rawlings Gets Into A Fight In Philly, Clears Up Rumors On The Breakfast Club

donnell rawlings

This time around Katt Williams takes the back seat as Donnell Rawlings becomes the latest comedian in an unfortunate situation.  On Sunday, while in Phildelphia as he ate at a local diner Donnell was caught on tape getting into a heated argument with a waitress. TMZ was the first to share the captured video that shows Donnell throwing a punch at one patron outside of the diner in part of the argument. According to reports, the waitress went on to accuse Donnell of running out on a $12 bill which he went on to deny. Following the incident, he even took to Instagram to bring some light to the situation.

That moment when real people know your character, know what you stand for, and what you won’t stand for, I won’t sh*t on Philly because I know in every city no matter how pretty, there will be ugly people. I’m staying focused and will continue to bring laughter to my fans and most importantly going hard for my family.

This morning in an exclusive with The Breakfast Club, Donnell spoke on the fight and cleared up what really happened. Hear what he had to say below.

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