Donnell Rawlings Allegedly Scuffles With Dave Chappelle Super-Fan Following Show

According to TMZ, things got intense following Dave Chappelle’s comedy show late last night in NYC. As many of you know, Dave has kicked off his run at Radio City Music Hall with an all-star line up of talent. For the fourth Radio City Music Hall show; Donnell Rawlings like other times accompanied Chappelle to perform. According to reports a super-fan approached Chappelle for a picture at a hotel, Chappelle decided no to take the picture, and Donnell allegedly stepped in and things turned into a tussle session.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … 20-year-old Thurston Greer claims at 2:30 AM Friday Rawlings socked him in the noggin with a closed fist outside a NYC hotel, resulting in pain, swelling and scratches on his arms. Greer tells us he ran into Dave Chappelle walking out of the hotel bathroom and asked for a pic … but Dave declined. Greer claims he then went outside the hotel and began recording a Facebook Live video to tell friends what had just gone down. He says Donnell, Chappelle and a security guard walked out of the hotel, saw him and got angry, thinking he was persisting to get a photo. Greer says he scuffled with Rawlings and security after they tried taking his phone, and that’s when he got punched. Chappelle’s not listed in the police report, but cops want to talk to Donnell. Greer tells us he’s already met with an attorney and is considering legal options.
A source connected to Donnell says Greer was extremely intrusive, trying to take pics of them while they were in the bathroom.


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