Donnell Rawlings Roasts Jeff Ross And Backs Blake Griffin For ‘Roast Battle’

As mentioned, NBA player Blake Griffin is about to give roasting a try on an upcoming season of Comedy Central’s ‘Roast Battle’ hosted by Jeff Ross. The other day while traveling through the airport, Donnell Rawlings would run into TMZ cameras to weigh in on Griffin’s upcoming roasting appearance. Before TMZ cameras could get a sentence out, Rawlings would deliver a series of jabs at Ross in retaliation for his 2-year-old son. Watch Donnell explain his rivalry with Ross, below.

Comedy star Donnell Rawlings is 100% behind Blake Griffin in his upcoming roast battle with Jeff Ross … saying he believes Griffin will win, then roasting the hell out of Jeff Ross on the spot. Ross and Griffin are gonna duke it out with the insults pretty soon … and, when we got Rawlings at LAX on Thursday, we wanted to know who he thought would come outta the roast victorious.


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