Donnell Rawlings Says Michael Jordan Wasn’t Impressed With His Chappelle Show Credit

jordan chappelle

In the comedy world The Chappelle Show can be considered one of the most historic sketch comedy series to hit TV. On the series, Donnell Rawlings was able to get his most rememberable credit as well as tag lines, “I’m Rich B*tch.” While in Nashville for a series of comedy shows, Donnell talked with the host of 102.9 The Buzz and shared a few celebrity stories. One story in particular came up involving a brief run-in with NBA legend Michael Jordan. While Donnell shared the first time he met Stevie Wonder he quickly mentioned meeting Jordan and things didn’t go as planned.

“I wanted a picture with Stevie, so I walked over to his handler and said “I’m a big fan, I was on the Chappelle Show.” Only time I use that (Chappelle Show plug) is when I’m star struck. Only other time I was star struck like that was when I met Michael Jordan. It went horribly. I used every catch phrase….and Michael Jordan looked at me a plucked a cigar ash (sarcastically) on my head. It went horrible.”

As he continued, Donnell explained how he eventually got his picture with Stevie at the airport. As far as a picture with Jordan, that seems to still be up in the air.

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