Donnell Rawlings Stops By The 85 South Show: Gives Back Story To Wayne Brady Sketch On The Chappelle Show

On a new episode of The 85 South Show presented by Comedy Hype, Chappelle’s Show’s own Donnell Rawlings stopped by the studio to speak with Karlous Miller in the studio while DC Young Fly is on the road. Of course Donnell took time out to explain his history in comedy, the Chappelle’s Show’s legacy, online comedy, and more. At one point of their conversation, Donnell shared his favorite sketch from The Chappelle Show being when Wayne Brady showed his different side.

My favorite sketch is the Wayne Brady sketch… see Paul Mooney did a diss on Wayne Brady, and Wayne saw Dave at a club in New York…. and he was offended by it. Dave felt some type of way about it, and invited Wayne to do that sketch. The funny thing about it was it took Wayne about 35 minutes to say “Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a b*tch?”

Take a listen to the full episode below:

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