Donnell Rawlings Talks Michael Blackson Vs. Kevin Hart & Chappelle On ‘The Breakfast Club’

This morning, Donnell Rawlings got together with his family over at The Breakfast Club. They had plenty to discuss from his career start to his thoughts on Dave Chappelle’s next moves. One question that came up, how did he feel about Michael Blackson going at Kevin Hart? Rawlings would go on to side with Kevin’s point of view on the situation.

Towards the end of his visit, Rawlings would then suggest that Dave Chappelle’s next moves could fall into the producer chair. When Charlamagne The God ended up asking Donnell about his own comedy special, Donnell answered by sharing Chappelle could very well be behind it in the near future. Their conversation would also go on to touch Dave’s constant back and forth with the Transgender community. Check out the nearly 30-minute interview, below.

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