Donnell Rawlings Thinks People Should Focus On Katt Williams’s Recent Comeback And Not His Controversies

This morning, Donnell Rawlings would return to his family over at ‘The Breakfast Club’ for a new interview. His trip to the radio show comes as he gets ready for a weekend of shows at ‘Carolines Comedy Club’ in New York City. Before the interview would even take place, things would instantly start off interesting as Donnell was pranked into thinking his interview wouldn’t make it on air. When serious talks did happen, Rawlings didn’t hold back to share his opinion on several recent interviews on ‘The Breakfast Club’ surrounding Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, and Katt Williams. Rawlings would chime in to share how he can see the different perspectives but would make it clear at one point that the focus on Katt Williams should have been more centered around his comeback and Emmy win.  “People forgot Katt Williams won an Emmy the same time Tiffany won an Emmy… I thought it was unfortunate…. they should of been talking about “Katt Williams is back,” he told listeners.

Check out the full conversation with Rawlings, below. Donnell even shared that he may be doing his next comedy special, executive produced by Dave Chappelle.

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