Dr. Oz Shuts Down Roseanne Barr’s Ambien Excuse: “Tweeting Is Not A Side Effect”

On Sept. 18th, Roseanne Barr will make one of her rare TV appearances as a guest on Dr. Oz. As you can recall Barr made headlines when she sent out a Tweet that many would call racist. One of her explanations for the Tweet was that she took the sleeping aid Ambien. In a now released clip of their talk, Dr. Oz would tell Barr that one of Ambien’s side effects is not Tweeting.

The quick clip doesn’t suggest that Barr is holding on to that excuse – she merely describes how Ambien effected her. “I’ve done some weird things on Ambien,” she says, “and I think a lot of people have. I’ve heard from thousands of people about it. One guy got up and cooked a turkey and ate it. That was, like, four hours, if you think about it, and didn’t remember it in the morning. And all the time that happens to me.”…The teaser ends with Oz saying, “I actually looked up Ambien, and tweeting is not a side effect.” Barr can be heard agreeing with him.


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