Draymond Green Has Responded To Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Special Joke About His Name

Photo: Clutch Points

In Dave Chappelle’s newest special, Equanimity on Netflix, we see a moment where Dave takes aim at NBA player Draymond Green for having the blackest name ever. Dave’s bit would express that Draymond’s name is so black that AirBnB would automatically log Draymond off their site if he ever used their service.

Well with good spirit, Draymond has officially responded. The other night on Twitter, the Golden State Warrior’s player expressed that he actually just named his son Draymond but appears to have found a laugh about it. Now we can assure that Draymond is not taking Dave’s joke that serious since Chappelle has been a longtime Warriors fan. View Draymond’s response, below.

“C’mon bro, I just named my son “Draymond” hahaha.” – Draymond Green

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