Duane Martin Joins Cast Of ‘Bad Boys’ Series With Gabrielle Union

Photo: BET

NBC’s Bad Boys series continues to move forward as two new actors have been added to it’s cast. Respected actor Duane Martin and Zach Gilford have been announced to share the screen with Gabrielle Union in the current pilot. One of the last times we saw Martin on TV was for his role on BET’s Real Husbands Of Hollywood comedy series. According to reports, Martin will play partner to Gilford’s character.

Gilford will play LAPD homicide detective Ben Walker, a smart man with a smarter mouth who comes from money. Martin plays the smart and competitive LAPD homicide detective Ben Baines, who’s partnered with Ben Walker, and they’re both referred to as “the Bens.” Gilford and Martin joins recently cast Ernie Hudson who plays Union’s father.


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