Eddie Griffin Is A Walking Comedy Legend

A “legend” often times can be described as a trailblazer, a master of their craft and when you look at Eddie Griffin’s history, the term appears to be fitting. In today’s fast pace world of online content and social media influencers, an entertainer’s time is limited until the audience seeks elsewhere. However, Griffin has survived decades in show business and all while staying true to himself. At one point, the stand-up comedian would nearly lose his life on the path to be remembered.

Here’s 5 reasons why Eddie Griffin should be considered a legend.

1. Performs In Las Vegas

Since 2018, Eddie Griffin has been entertaining audience in Las Vegas with a residency deal he has at the SLS hotel in Vegas. Now if you’ve studied Las Vegas you would know that that’s where legendary performers go to display their craft at it’s highest level. Legendary comedians like Redd Foxx, Sammy Davis Jr., and Bill Cosby have been known to stop in Las Vegas. Griffin has now unlocked that accomplishment as is if he’s been given a ‘resorts casino bonus code‘ on how to solidify his career.

2. Longevity

Done It All In Hollywood,TV And Film – Eddie Griffin first got his start in entertainment in 1988 when he moved to New York City to pursue stand-up comedy and 31 years later he still continues to entertain audiences. Since his start, we’ve see Griffin do it all in Hollywood, from Box Office films to TV shows like ‘Malcolm & Eddie’. Legends at times are defined by their consistency.

3. Fearless With His Art

Lately comedy has been placed under a microscope due to political correctness, and the online movement known as ‘Cancel Culture’. This described environment has put fear in the hearts of many talents to where it has interfered with their raw approach to their craft. However, true artists, have remained loyal to their art and play by their rules. On stage Eddie Griffin holds nothing back.

4. Has An Urban Legend: Came Back To Life

Legends are known to have wild stories, somewhat like an urban legend and Griffin doesn’t lack in that area either. The stand-up comedian nearly lost his life while filming his series “Malcolm And Eddie’. According to Griffin the near death experience was due to a poor diet, bacon, and cigarettes as he would end up having a heart attack while rehearsing for the show.

5. Outspoken In Real Life

What made boxer Muhammad Ali a legend? If you look closely it was Ali’s words out of the boxing ring that made him stand out from those before and after him. Ali would address injustices and take stances that would put his career in jeopardy. For those who’ve watched Eddie Griffin in interviews, he delivers the same unfiltered approach.

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