Eddie Griffin Reveals Dave Chappelle Got Him ‘A Star Is Born’ Role After Seeing Him Preach At Charlie Murphy’s Funeral

In the newest film, ‘A Star Is Born’, Eddie Griffin features in the project as a Memphis preacher.In a new interview with Vulture, Griffin would go on to mention that Dave Chappelle was the reason why he got called for the role. It would turn out that Griffin’s speech at Charlie Murphy’s funeral would instantly show Chappelle Eddie’s ability.

In a new interview with Vulture, Griffin explained how he ended up in the Bradley Cooper-directed film and it turns out that a eulogy he offered at Charlie Murphy‘s funeral played an important part. “Me and Dave Chappelle were at Charlie Murphy’s funeral. I got up there and I got to preaching, and I took over the church,” Griffin recalled. Following the funeral, Griffin, Chappelle and George Lopez went out together. “George said, ‘I think you missed your calling — you’re supposed to be a preacher.’ So, Charlie Murphy’s spirit is all over this.’” Chappelle recommended Griffin to Cooper for the role of the Memphis pastor in the movie and Griffin took a break from his Las Vegas residency to go to Los Angeles and film the scene.