Eddie Murphy Impersonates Tracy Morgan, And Shares His Version Of A Coming To America Sequel

This week we’ve been seeing a lot more Eddie Murphy, as he was honored with The Mark Twain Prize For American Humor. In an interview with EXTRA a few days ago, Eddie spoke on a possible stand-up return, and how the president wants to see it happen.

He (President Obama) asked me if I was going to do stand-up again.. I said I don’t know… then he said I’m issuing an executive order for you to do stand-up… then I was like ohh well I guess I need to go write some jokes sir.

Eddie later went on to discuss his upcoming role in ‘Cook’, which he says will make fans cry. Things got even more exciting during the interviews final moments when Eddie revealed a Tracy Morgan impression, along with how a possible Coming To America 2 would happen with Arsenio.

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