Eddie Murphy Says His Return To The Stage Will Not Only Be A Stand-Up Show

It’s only a matter of time when fans will see Eddie Murphy back on stage. Over past several months Murphy has hinted that a return to the stage is on his radar even in which he shared a possible title of what the return would be called. In a recent sit down with SAG-AFTRA, Murphy went on to further discuss his plans for an elaborate show that not only included stand-up.

He is interested in getting back on the stage, but not just to do stand-up comedy. Murphy’s ambitions for a stage return will encompass more than just comedy. As he says when asked whether he’ll ever entertain doing a comedy tour again, he answers: “Yeah, I’ll entertain it. I think about it. Eventually I will. But it won’t just be stand-up. It’ll be music. It’ll be comedy. It’ll be stuff from my movies… I’ve just got to figure out a way to put a show together. Because me just coming out on stage and doing stand-up, I can’t see myself doing just that. I can see having some of that, and then doing everything else. We’ll see.” So watch for a potential Eddie Murphy touring variety show some time in the future. A big screen “comeback” might also be something to look forward to; at least that’s what I immediately thought about when Murphy tells the audience that he’d like to work with Quentin Tarantino. I actually think they’d make a good pairing. I can see Murphy as a flawed protagonist in some full-tilt Tarantino crime/action drama. Although Tarantino has said he’ll make 2 more movies and then retire, so if a Murphy/Tarantino pairing is going to happen, there are just 2 more opportunities. Murphy did also mention that he’d like to work with Steve Spielberg and Martin Scorsese. If these are desires of his, I’d certainly expect that he’s expressed his interest to these aging filmmakers.


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