Eddie Murphy’s ‘Raw’ Makes Kevin Hart’s Oscar Controversy Look “Mild”, Robert Townsend Speaks

This morning on a new episode of ‘The Breakfast Club’, the iconic Robert Townsend would sit down with the show’s host and discuss his track record. As you should know, Townsend is considered one of the early pioneers of ‘Black Hollywood’ as he would write and produce several original classics like ‘Hollywood Shuffle’, ‘The Five Heartbeats’, ‘Meteor Man’, and ‘The Parent Hood’. If you take an even closer look at Townsend’s credits you would notice that he served as the director of Eddie Murphy’s comedy special ‘RAW’ back in 1987.

While discussing his new project, ‘The Five Heartbeats Documentary’, Townsend would chime in on the current controversy surrounding Kevin Hart and the Academy Awards. According to Townsend, Murphy’s jokes on ‘Raw’ crossed the line much more than Hart’s current controversy and is “Mild” in comparison. Fast forward to the 5:00 Mark, and watch below.

Townsend would also discuss Meteor Man, which he revealed that he expected the film to be a major hit.

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