Eddie Murphy’s Role In Twins Sequel Might Actually Happen, Further Explained By Arnold Schwarzenegger

eddie murphy

For some time now there have been talks that Eddie Murphy will join Danny Devito, and Arnold Schwarzenegger in a sequel for their film Twins. Since last year’s talks things have since died down but during a recent outing, Arnold Schwarzenegger further explained Eddie’s role in the film.

During a special black tie event overseas, Schwarzenegger gave some updates on the long developing Triplets, and how Murphy would fit into the project. Fan site The Arnold Fans picked up on the following information pertaining to how Murphy’s hypothetical third brother will come into play during the course of Triplets’ first act. Arnold’s description was as follows: The idea was to have Danny Devito, myself with Eddie Murphy, be all of a sudden, the other twin – the triplet that we find. It comes out that after our mother dies. The will gets read out loud, and it says you get this, and you get this and your OTHER brother gets this. And we are like, ‘What, what other brother?’ And then we discover that there is something off here. Then we find out about the experiment that was made, and there was some black person involved.


Looks like they are seriously considering for the already written script to come to life. Keep you posted as more details surface.

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