Edi Patterson Talks To Comedy Hype About Vice Principals And Working With Tracy Morgan On The Last OG

Edi Patterson’s character, Ms. Abbott, is a pivotal part of the hit HBO comedy, Vice Principals. Anytime Ms. Abbott is on the screen, you can’t help but feel a giddy sense of excitement because she’s so unpredictable and so much fun to watch. On Monday, December 11th, HBO will release the digital download for season 2 of Vice Principals. To celebrate the release, Comedy Hype caught up with Edi to chat about the show, plus more!

CH: So, your HBO show, Vice Principals has come to an end. But, the good news is that HBO is unveiling the digital download release for season 2, on Monday, December 11th. As a viewer, it’s been a very enjoyable 2 seasons, which means it must’ve been a blast to actually work on the show. What was the most fun part of working on the show?

EP: Working on Vice Principals was such an incredibly fun and special experience overall. But the most fun part was doing scenes with Danny McBride. It was exciting going toe-to-toe, seeing what we could discover in the moment. I think we both inspired each other to see how far we could take our characters and how much we could elevate the scenes we were in together.

CH:  The cast of Vice Principals is full of funny people; yourself, Danny McBride, Walton Goggins, Busy Philipps and so many more — what was it like being on set with all of these incredibly funny people? Must’ve been a blast.

EP: Just having the opportunity to work with all of those incredible people you mentioned, it was a dream come true, because I’ve always looked up to those people. Being on the set of Vice Principals was definitely fun, but it was also a great opportunity to learn from my castmates and see what I could adapt into my own set of skills.

CH: On the show, your is character Ms. Abbott — she’s very wacky and bizarre, but also, her ideologies make perfect sense. For example, in season 2, when Ms. Abbott is teaching Gamby how to dress in order to become popular, she goes, “Rule number 1, Populars have their own sense of style” — Where did you pull the inspiration from, to bring Ms. Abbott to life?

EP: [Laughs] Honestly, just from the first 2 episodes that I did, I figured out so much about Ms. Abbott. For example, the Field Trip episode; I realized she was a very desperate person. But even though it comes across as desperate, Ms. Abbott just wants what everyone else wants; she wants to be loved, she wants to party, she just wants to have a fun and awesome life. I can understand someone desiring those things. Ms. Abbott has always seemed like a real person to me, so it wasn’t hard to wrap my head around who she is and what she wanted.

CH: Did you actually know a teacher who was like Ms. Abbott that you drew inspiration from?

EP: No, but I will say that there are definitely aspects of her, that I can personally identify with. Obviously, not to the extreme of trying to shoot people and things like that [Laughs] but I can identify with her at the core. For example, how excited Ms. Abbott gets at times, how vulnerable she is and how she thinks she’s way cooler than she actually is [Laughs]. So no, I didn’t personally know anyone that I drew inspiration from, but I know that people like her actually exist.

CH: If Vice Principals was crafted into a spin-off movie idea, would you be up for it?

EP: Without a doubt. I’ve had so much fun working on this show, that I’d be up for any future projects related to the show.

CH: Your career has led to you being part of some incredible projects; of course there’s Vice Principals, but you’ve also done projects like Blackish, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The League, The Last OG and you’ve even done guest writing on SNL. With all of this amazing experience under your belt, do you also have plans to write and produce your own projects?

EP: Definitely. I actually just wrote a movie with Danny McBride and another writer from Vice Principals. We’re currently in the stages of sending the script around, looking to get backers for it. I had a blast working on the script, so I’m really excited to see what happens with it.

CH: There are so many people loved what you brought to the Ms. Abbott character, which means they definitely want to know more about what Edi Patterson has going on. Do you have any upcoming or current projects that we should be looking out for?

EP: Every Thursday night I perform at The Groundlings Theatre in LA, with an improv group called, IMPRO THEATRE — we do fully improvised plays, based on an audience member’s suggestion. Also, we currently have a residency at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, where we perform Jane Austen style plays, based on the work of famous authors. Also, I have a role in Tracy Morgan’s upcoming TBS comedy, The Last OG, which was incredible to work on, because I loved working with Tracy. I think The Last OG starts airing early next year, it’s going to be a really funny show.

On Monday, December 11th, you can digitally download season 2 of HBO’s, Vice Principals. The digital download will include exclusive content, such as deleted scenes and an exclusive blooper reel.