“It Could End Up Being Trevor Noah And Dikembe Mutombo In “Coming to America 2” – Arsenio Hall Talks Sequel

With Coming To America 2 in talks to happening; we wonder what Arsenio Hall thinks? Well as he prepared to take the stage in North Carolina for a few nights, Arsenio shared some insight on the project. He went on to confirm that writers from the original Coming To America were hired and Eddie is pushing for a great script before filming. He also went on to touch on wether he would be in the film by suggesting that it wasn’t a guarantee.

STAR NEWS: Everyone loves “Coming to America,” the 1988 movie you did with Eddie Murphy. Now there’s rumors that there might be a “Coming to America 2.” Is that true and are you going to be involved?

OK, so here’s what’s going on. A deal was made for the original writers from the first one, (Barry) Blaustein and (David) Sheffield, for them to write it. Eddie is very particular about the writing. He knows this is his baby. It’s a special project to him. So it’s not about whether you want to do it, it’s not about whether you and Arsenio would have fun. It’s about having a great story and a great script. So Eddie said, “Hey, you all do that and let me see it.” Right now, it could end up being Trevor Noah and Dikembe Mutombo in “Coming to America 2.” We don’t know. I’m just laying back and letting him do his thing. The last thing you want to do is have a poor shot at doing a sequel of a movie that’s a classic that you love.

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