Erik Griffin Tells Comedy Hype All About His New SHOWTIME Special, “AmERIKan Warrior”

Comedian and actor, Erik Griffin, is making his way onto your radar, whether you like it or not. You’ve seen Erik’s comedic acting chops, as the hilarious Montez, on Comedy Central’s “Workaholics”. Erik also showcases his capability to not only be funny but also compelling, when he steps into the role of Ralph, on SHOWTIME’s hit show, “I’m Dying Up Here”.  Last year, Erik released his debut knockout special, “The Ugly Truth”. Now, Erik Griffin is back with his follow-up special, “AmERIKan Warrior” — premiering tonight, on SHOWTIME. Comedy Hype caught up with Erik to get the scoop.

CH: You’re getting ready to premiere your brand new stand up special, “AmERIKan Warrior”. tonight on SHOWTIME. Your last special, “The Ugly Truth”, was an excellent introduction to people who weren’t familiar with your stand up. What can we expect from the second special?

EG: That’s exactly how I’d put it; My first stand up special, “The Ugly Truth” was more of an introduction. I just wanted to introduce myself as a funny person. Most of that material were jokes that I was working with on the road for a while and I thought it would be great material for a debut special. My new special, “AmERIKan Warrior”, is more of me talking about what’s going on in the world today and what I think about those things. I wanted to show the world how my brain works; you may agree or disagree, but I just want people to laugh at the way I crafted the material. Also, this special has a bolder feel to it, compared to the last special; everything from the material, to the presentation.

CH: Your last special was hosted by SHOWTIME and so is your new special, “AmERIKan Warrior”. You’re also on SHOWTIME’s hit series, I’m Dying Up Here” — what is it about SHOWTIME that makes you want to continue your blossoming relationship with the network?

EG: Well, SHOWTIME keeps calling and I keep answering [Laughs]. I’m just a performer trying to work, you know? The relationship started when SHOWTIME gave me the role on “I’m Dying Up Here”, then bought my first special, “The Ugly Truth”. Then, when the second season of “I’m Dying Up Here” rolled around, I inquired about doing a second special and they were all for it. So here we are, premiering my new special tonight. I’m happy that SHOWTIME likes my comedy and continues to consider me for work.

CH: On the SHOWTIME show, “I’m Dying Up Here”, you play the character, Ralph — a stand-up comic in the 70’s. Being that you’re a stand up comic, it’s not hard to channel what a stand up comic does. But how do you manage to channel a stand up comic from the 70’s?

EG: Well, there are some parallels between my life and Ralph’s life; I know what it’s like to be a struggling artist, but I don’t know what it was like being a struggling artist in the 70’s. So, I had to do the homework. As a comic, you have your own point of view and your own experiences, but when I stepped into the role of Ralph, I had to embody Ralph’s point of view and experiences. Being a stand up comic certainly helped, but I also had to do extra work.

CH: Any fan of the Comedy Central show, “Workaholics” would agree that your character, Montez, was one of the best parts of the show. And anyone who currently watches SHOWTIME’s, “I’m Dying Up Here”, would agree that Ralph is a pivotal character in the storyline. You obviously have a special touch when you play characters — Are there any plans to star in your own show?

EG: I do have aspirations to have my own show. I’ve always wanted to have my own show, but it’s the same with releasing stand up comedy specials; you just have to find right avenue to explore and produce those projects. So, I’m ready whenever the right opportunity comes along.

CH: Your new special, “AmERIKan Warrior” premieres tonight on SHOWTIME. Aside from the special, what else should Erik Griffin fans be anticipating?

EG: I have a few roles in some upcoming films that I’m excited about. Season 2 of, “I’m Dying Up Here” is currently running and you can always catch me on tour. Also, I just want to say thanks to the people who are going to watch my new special tonight. Similar to airlines, there’s a lot of TV options out there and you could choose any of them, so I just want to say thanks for choosing mine [Laughs].

Erik Griffin’s, “AmERIKan Warrior” premieres tonight , June 8th, on SHOWTIME at 10P ET/PT.

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