Eriq La Salle Will Not Be In ‘Coming To America 2’

While it seems that everyone from the original Coming To America cast is expected to return for the upcoming sequel, it turns out Daryl Jenks played by actor Eriq La Salle will not be returning. According to reports, La Salle has decided to focus on directing and producing. It’s not clear if the producer of Coming To America 2 or Eddie Murphy wanted La Salle to return.

The majority of the original cast of Coming to America is on board for the sequel, Coming 2 America. However, there is one person who isn’t coming back–Eriq La Salle, who played Soul Glo heir Darryl Jenks. According to The Grio, La Salle told a group of journalists at NBC’s annual Chicago press day that he is focusing on executive producing and directing. “No. I’ve already given you an answer. No,” he said. As he told the journalists in attendance, “No. Straight to the point. I knew where you were going with it. I’m a little busy right now …with this show [Chicago P.D.] .”


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